Misty Flowers

For Whatcom County Council At-Large

Our county is facing huge challenges. Increasing unemployment, homelessness, and crumbling infrastructure. We need fresh, transparent leadership powered by the people. I have the drive and dedication to make sensible decisions that represent all families and jobs, not just the few deemed “essential.”

Hello, my name is Misty Flowers. I am running for Whatcom County Council At-Large because I care about Whatcom County’s long-term sustainability.

Vision, Issues, & Values

My Vision is to create long-term stability for Whatcom County by following an ethical and common sense approach to governing. Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability will guide my decisions.

Whatcom County residents are ready for true representation and I have the courage to address the problems closest to home such as local water issues, housing stability, responsible job creation, and job retention so that families can have economic and physical stability.

Whatcom County faces serious issues around housing cost and availability for all. It is important to consider both homelessness and homeowner issues when finding solutions. Homelessness is affected by joblessness, addiction, and poverty. Homeowners, on the other hand, carried the burden when renters weren’t able or required to pay rent for the last year or more. Both homeowners and renters need to be considered when addressing these pressing concerns.

All families are essential and all jobs are essential.

We are neither Seattle nor Olympia; therefore, we should not be governed solely by state-level politicians who do not understand our local needs.

My economic goals as council member are to protect business rights, improve our local economy, and keep taxes down. It is time our County Council operates within its duties, representing the people and being transparent about County decisions. It is crucial to balance infrastructure needs with citizen needs to create stability for our community.

Let me represent you and bring Local Governance back to a Local level. Together we can create long-term stability for Whatcom County by following a sensible approach to governing.

You, the hard-working people of this county, should be heard and have your constitutional rights restored. It is my goal to give you the voice you deserve.

Let’s bring more integrity and accountability to our local governance.

Fresh Leadership, People Powered!

The Leadership Our County Needs Right Now

About Misty

I have lived in Whatcom County for nearly 20 years. I moved here because of the incredible beauty; I stayed here to raise my children because of the diverse, inclusive, thriving, family-oriented community.

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