Meet Misty

I have lived in Whatcom County for nearly 20 years. I moved here because of the incredible beauty; I stayed here to raise my children because of the diverse, inclusive, thriving, family-oriented community. As a performing musician, I’ve met a lot of beautiful people in Whatcom County. People with many differing perspectives, occupations and lifestyles. I look forward to representing everyone and supporting an environment where families have the opportunity to thrive.

My Professional Experience:

  • Small Business Owner
  • Management
  • Organic Gardener, Herbalist, and Seed Saver
  • Human Rights and Civil Rights Advocate
  • Wellness Educator and Coach
  • Music Performer
  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2012
  • Whatcom Community College, 2007
  • Shasta Community College, 2000
Community Service
  • Be Brave WA facilitator
  • Informed Choice WA County
  • Coordinator
  • Long time Child and Family Advocate
  • Neighborhood food garden “free starts” stand
  • Long time recycler
Let’s work together to preserve Whatcom County’s amazing environment. I am dedicated to making sensible decisions that support all Whatcom County families and reduce influence by outside interests.

I represent people, not parties. It’s time for your voice to be heard.

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